GMP announces the addition of HARD DRIVE DELIVERY to the line up of ways you can access both the GMP and RESERVE MUSIC libraries.

This is the fastest, easiest, most complete and convenient access to music on your desktop and across your network.


Easily holds our 400 CD music libraries and is about the size of an iPhone

Take it with you anywhere

Works equally well with MACs and PCS and connects with USB 2

Installation is super easy, change a couple preferences in iTunes and one “drag and drop” does it

Searches are easy using the iTunes

Project Management is a breeze with iTunes using playlists and folders

Drag and Drop music right into your editing software

Format Choice: AIF / 48k   or   MP3 / 320kbps


We release new music every week. Thats how we stay current and relevant. You will be able to easily FTP download and drop the new music right on the drive for instant access. It’s incredibly easy ! No CDs, DVD or shipping required.


We do it all.. needle drop, blanket, lease or buy out sync. We can configure your license exactly the way you need it. You will need to talk to a rep to determine what’s best for you.


We have a PDF with instructions to set up iTunes to work the way you want. You can leave the music on the drive or add it to your own drive by importing it into the iTunes on your computer.

Our sales staff will be glad to help you configure it.

Here is a peak at how a complex iTunes production music and project management solution would look.