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GM 477 Rock Options ( Modern – Hard – Alternative )

In life, it’s good to have options…Rock Options, that is! Youthful, Hard, Alternative & Modern Rock variations.

Demo, TEMP or purchase online here…  “ROCK OPTIONS”

This is certainly one of the best selections we have ever released in this genre.

The author, Troy Anthony Engle is an exceptional acoustic musician. This is completely authentic with live instrumentation. This collection ranges from old time country and western, straight bluegrass, contemporary acoustic, folk, country rock, swampy blues and rockabilly.

BARN YARD PICKINS, GMP 476   is a product geared toward all things acoustic..  Nature, Hunting and Fish, National Parks and just plain fun !

476-CD Cover

GMP – 476 Barn Yard Pickins – Artist Series ( country – bluegrass – rockabilly – folk )