CDs… We don’t need no stinking CDs !  OK.. that’s not exactly true, but it is getting closer to reality.  Can you say: Audio Cassette, Eight track, Vinyl records….

The complete elimination of CDs is a ways  off  and you might still need or like CDs for any number of reasons. But… the future, or should I say current platform is FTP, File Transfer Protocol. FTP enables us to deliver large files ( multiple CDs worth ) over the internet with relative ease and speed right to your computer desktop.

I love food metaphors.. heres one.

Music delivery web sites are kinda like fast food drive through restaurants. It’s a great place to quickly search for one meal at a time, but not many of us pull up to the drive through window and order 21 meals to last a week. You can see the effects of what that can do in a movie titled “Super Size Me”.  There is another kind of food source thats better designed for that. It’s called a grocery store. Grocery stores are better equipped and stocked for large scale food acquisition.


For the past 25 years or so, GMP MUSIC has assisted media professionals with both types of music purchases. Our web site is quick and easy for the search, grab and download crowd and offers the ability to make bigger purchases if desired. But like any tool that is great for one job, it becomes limited for other tasks. It’s just not a great place to make final decisions on multiple projects using a lot of different types of music.

There is only one way to make the best decision about music in a media production. You put the music in.. then watch and listen. When it works.. it works, when it doesn’t.. it doesn’t.

We have been sending out CDs ( think grocery store for production music ) on a no risk preview policy for all of the last 25 years. It’s a great tool and we have no intentions of stopping but we are now going to introduce our next big option.

FTP Delivery Preview. All of the normal No Risk Preview features, just no CDs.

No CDs, No boxes, No packing, No shipping, No inserting CDs into your computer. No extracting the CD tracks. No returning the CDs with the shipping hassles, No cleaning and re-stocking.. et cetera ad nauseam.


Speed: There is nothing faster!  Moments after you talk with your sales rep at GMP you will receive a link to clic and the music will just start to flow right to your computer. Minutes later you drag the file right to your iTunes program and seconds later your searching and locating the music you need. It’s just awesome. We still believe the best way to make a three minute music decision is with three minutes of music. Why wait three days for the CDs to arrive ?

Email or call your sales rep today and try out the FTP Preview.  or go old school .. call 800-955-0619   BFF  LOL…